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World Famous Gourmet Wine Clubs from Cellars Wine:

A Wine of the Month Club membership makes the perfect gift for any wine lover. Every month members will receive two bottles of hand selected exceptional wine and more. The International Wine Club is on Special! Find out why California Wine has earned the reputation as one of the world's premier wine growing regions - Get the West Coast Wine Club delivered.

World Famous Cellars Wine Clubs


Whether you're looking for monthly wine clubs or unique wine gifts for friends and family, The Wine Gifts Club is the answer. Since 1990, we have been sending monthly wine gifts and introducing our wine of the month members to some of California's greatest wines...and the small, artisan wineries that make them.

Fruit Gifts: Orchard Fresh Gourmet Fruit Gifts Delivered!

Orchard Fresh Fruit GiftsChocolate Covered FruitHealthy Orchard Fruits Gifts direct from the farms of California, Washington and Oregon. We sell only the finest hand selected fruits and farm fresh products. West Coast produce, farm to market!

Our Fruit of the Month Club. is delivered nationwide and is guaranteed to please. At, Our orchard fresh fruit harvest is hand selected right in the orchards. We use the largest, freshest, and unblemished fruit for your gifts and fresh fruit home delivery. The Hood River Valley's exclusive conditions of fertile, nutrient-rich volcanic soils, clean glacial waters and ideal micro climate work in together to create the perfect fruit growing environment giving Hood River fruit an unparalleled sweetness and character to the local varieties of fruit

 Smoked Salmon GiftsFrozen Alaskan Seafood Direct:

Frozen Seafood Direct
Order Frozen Alaskan Seafood online, shipped overnight direct from the source. We offer only the very best Wild Alaskan Seafood.

All of our frozen seafood is earmarked to be flash frozen as it is unloaded from the boats. We do not use seafood that is frozen under stress, giving you the highest quality Frozen Alaskan Seafood available anywhere in the world.

Wild Alaskan Smoked Salmon Gifts


Steak Gift Boxes Delivered
Buy Certified Organic Beef online at our sister site, The .

All of our meats are 100% certified, and guaranteed to satisfy. We offer consistent quality meats with no antibiotics, hormones or additives. We supply meats to some of the nation's leading Five Star restaurants. Sommers offers a variety of tender, delicious healthy red meats as well as our healthy poultry meats. Our red meats are rich in protein lower in fat, calories and cholesterol than skinless chicken or turkey.

Shop for All Organic Steaks Online:
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Organic Filet Mignon On Special!
Order a box of the finest Organic Filet Mignon for a steak gift that will impress! This is the finest organic beef on the market, sent direct from production - no middle man, just the finest gourmet steak gifts you can find anywhere. Order online.

Cut from the center of the beef loin, the New York steak is the ultimate indulgence - known to many as THE outstanding "steak-lover's" steak. A fine, silky texture and rich marbling give the Organic New York steak an incredibly robust flavor and perfect juicy tenderness, making it one of our most popular steaks. Available dry aged or fresh.

See our healthy Gourmet Recipes for serving ideas.
We offer boneless and Featherbone New York Steaks.


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